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Dad blames it on celebrity status of Ben Affleck for latter’s alcoholism

Dad blames it on celebrity status of Ben Affleck for latter’s alcoholism

March 07 | By CAAH Team

Binge drinking has been a way of life for most Hollywood stars, notwithstanding the fact that many celebrities have succumbed to its harms. Ironically, Hollywood was once an alcohol-free community in the early 20th century as envisioned by its dauntless and fearless female founder Daeida Beveridge, who had strong Christian beliefs. However, by 1914, as Beveridge lost her life to cancer, the first bars and arcades emerged, putting the final nail in the coffin to her dream of creating a “temperate oasis.”

Since then, there has been a long list of celebrities who have fallen under the spell of alcohol and those who have tried to seek ways to get out of its grip. Some prominent personalities, like Lindsay Lohan, Daniel Radcliffe, Paris Hilton, Liza Minnelli, Charlie Sheen, Demi Moore, Mel Gibson, Kate Moss, Glen Beck, Russell Brand, Naomi Campbell, Al Pacino, Andy Dick, Ozzy Osbourne, Owen Wilson and Eric Clapton, have been known to reach out for help and have gone to rehab to get better. At the same time, there are many who are still in denial about their problem and the not so lucky ones who have lost their lives in their battle with the bottle.

Fame and alcohol go side by side

In the recent past, 44-year-old actor-filmmaker Ben Affleck revealed that he had completed treatment for alcoholism in March 2017. Known to have had alcohol-related problems earlier as well, the Hollywood star who has two Academy Awards, three Golden Globe Awards, two BAFTA Awards, and two Screen Actors Guild Awards to his credit, said that he would continue to confront his problems with alcohol to lead a full life and be the best father he can be to his two children.

Ben’s association with alcohol began when he was a child, watching his own father, Timothy, struggle with the disease. Timothy, who has been sober for decades now, blames his son’s problems on the pressures of fame and on the film industry that has also impacted the career of his younger son Casey Affleck. While praising Ben’s genuine efforts to get sober, the patriarch also believes that Ben’s fame led to the disintegration of his marriage to Jennifer Garner. Global stardom has its own high, and combining it with alcohol only makes things worse.

Alcoholism and relapse

Relapsing into alcohol dependence is a common phenomenon. It does not indicate that the treatment has failed, but one needs to seek help at the earliest again before it does more damage. A patient needs to realize that staying sober is a continuing process and he or she needs to be prepared in the long run to take action. From his statements, Ben seems to have understood this cycle and is better prepared to face the future.

Through his experiences with alcoholism, Ben says, he wants his kids to know that one need not feel ashamed in getting help. They should be a source of strength for others who are afraid to take the first step in getting help. Alcoholism is not merely a lack of self control or a bad habit. It is a disorder. It does not discriminate between races, geographical locations, cultures or social status. It can affect anyone at any time.

Take control of your life

It is estimated that one in 18 people aged 12 or older or approximately 15 million Americans suffer from alcohol use disorder. These numbers could be under-represented, as many people are either in denial or are too trapped in guilt and shame to admit their problem.

Choosing to seek help for an alcohol addiction could be an important decision that one makes. If you or your loved one is fighting alcohol addiction, contact the Colorado Alcohol Addiction Helpline for guidance on the best facilities offering alcohol addiction treatment in Colorado. Call at our 24/7 helpline number 866-592-9261 or chat online with our counselors to know about the finest Colorado alcohol addiction treatment.

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