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NCAA lifts alcohol ban at its championship events

NCAA lifts alcohol ban at its championship events

June 07 | By CAAH Team

Small brain: show up drunk

 Normal brain: hide airplane bottles in a sunglasses case

Genius brain: false bottom bag or any other commercially available product designed for exactly this purpose

Galaxy brain: show up REALLY drunk

— Mathew Brown (@mathewbrown) – March 12, 2018

As funny as it may sound, till few months ago, there were several similar suggestions doing rounds on the internet on how to smuggle alcohol into the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) games. However, these ideas are no more needed, with the NCAA Division I Council lifting the alcohol sales ban at its championship events, in April 2018.

The decision was taken after a two-year pilot program that tested the sale of alcohol at the College World Series. Unfortunately, South Eastern Conference (SEC) seems far less enthused with the overture. Alcohol sale is still prohibited by SEC and while several SEC schools have been pushing for the probable reversal of the ban on alcohol, there are yet others who are against it.

Before the new rule, alcohol was sold at the eight fixed concession stands on the main concourse, and at two on the upper level. Visitors could order two alcoholic drinks in one go. Wine was available for $8 or $9, draft beer for $7 and canned beer for $6. During the 2016 series, nearly 430 alcoholic drinks were sold for 1,000 fans, which was beyond the expectation. Draft beer constituted for nearly 62 percent of the sales, canned beer for 36 percent and wine for 2 percent.

‘Lifting ban might be a good move’

As per experts, lifting the ban might help reduce cases of binge drinking that happens before the games kickoff, and instances of delinquent behavior associated with smuggling booze inside the stadiums. This was reinforced in a pilot program by NCAA at the championship events in 2016-17 where beer and other forms of alcohol were sold and this did play its part in reducing alcohol-induced incidents, “in some cases significantly.”

During a panel discussion at the Samford University, SEC Commissioner Greg Sankey said bringing in the new rule would not be a smooth ride. Talking about the member schools, Sankey said, “We have some that would like to remove the policy and have others that have no interest in that.” He also pointed at the repercussions of allowing steady flow of alcohol in the games.

Alcohol addiction is real, get help now

Alcohol is one of the most commonly abused substances primarily because of easy access and acceptability that it has received. Authorities need to be vigilant after making alcohol available at college games. Alcoholism is a malady that affects more than 15 million Americans aged 12 years or older. Once caught in the vicious cycle of alcohol abuse, it is extremely difficult to get out of its clutches. Even more difficult is to realise the onset of alcohol use disorder— when a couple of frequent drinks turns into a full-blown addiction. Therefore, it is essential to be aware of its signs and symptoms and take effective measures as soon as possible. Timely identification and subsequent expert medical intervention for alcohol addiction can ensure a complete recovery.

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