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For the person abusing alcohol, their friends and family, it may seem as if there is no light at the end of the tunnel, no way back to a normal life. Nothing could be further from the truth. There may have been damaged family relationships, hospitalizations and health scares, even problems with law enforcement; but recovery and the way back to a healthy life is possible. The sooner treatment is found the better chances a person has.


Recovery from alcohol addiction must always start with detox. In most cases it is best to seek out a detox program to ensure a person’s health and safety for when they encounter withdrawal symptoms.


Treatment for alcohol addiction can include medication, therapy or a combination of the two. These two things help individuals learn to deal with cravings and live life addiction-free.

Additional Support

Even after treatment an individual should continue to seek support to ensure they keep their risk of relapse low. Support programs can include Alcoholics Anonymous and more.

What you want to know

Most treatment programs will involve some form of therapy. Different types of therapy help target different areas of a person’s alcohol addiction and allow them to learn to live a sober life again.

Cognitive behavioral therapy -- CBT -- has proven very successful for those recovering from addiction. CBT enables a person to practice an awareness of their thought processes which formerly led to unhealthy outcomes and consciously redirect those thoughts to achieve a desired outcome.

Treatment centers may also offer a few different alternative therapies to enhance a person’s treatment outcome. These include equine therapy, art, music, yoga and exercise. Clients usually enjoy the physical release of these activities in conjunction to the emotional release of counseling.

Medication is another helpful part of many peoples’ treatment programs. Medication may be prescribed at the discretion of the clinician and will depend on the circumstances of the client. Medication can be used to ease withdrawal symptoms or to help treat co-occurring mental illnesses.

For those struggling with alcohol addiction, help is available. If you or a loved one are living with alcohol abuse and need help, please call the Colorado Alcohol Addiction Helpline to speak with a member of our team. They will be pleased to assist you.

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  • “My blackouts often left me stranded in different places. It was nice to be sober again and know what I was doing”

    Regan L
  • “Alcohol addiction is no joke and it took over my life. Thankfully, with the right treatment program I was able to break free”

    Steven G
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