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Heavy drinking can cause premature death in men: Study

Heavy drinking can cause premature death in men: Study

February 22 | By CAAH Team

Overconsumption of alcohol is known to impact the human body adversely, sometimes even lethally. Long-term effects of alcohol abuse range from permanent liver damage to a much higher chance of developing certain types of cancers. The study conducted by Dr. William Alex Pridemore, dean and professor, School of Criminal Justice at University at Albany – SUNY, provides evidence of a direct link between alcohol abuse and violent deaths among men aged 25 to 54. The study, published in the journal Social Problems by Oxford Academic in August 2016, was undertaken with the aim of establishing an association between hazardous drinking patterns and increase in homicide among men.

Underlying data for Pridemore’s research was sourced from a previously undertaken extensive study of Russian men aged 25 to 54 who died prematurely. The research provides a new perspective on the issue of victims of violent crimes directly resulting from alcohol abuse. As per Pridemore, “This study is among the first to examine the effects of an underlying pattern on hazardous drinking on homicide victimization. I found that hazardous drinkers have an elevated risk of homicide victimization no matter how the former is measured, and that problem drinkers are five times more likely to be the victim of homicide than non-problem drinkers.”

Both alcohol and non-beverage alcohols result in homicide victimization

The study was based on an analysis of two parameters: homicides and alcohol consumption. Alcohol users were further categorized as hazardous drinkers and problem drinkers. The latter category was based on an observation of behavioral patterns such as after-effects of excessive drinking, drunken states and regular or weekly over-indulgence in alcohol. The study found that

  • 64 percent of homicide victims were problem drinkers.
  • In the year preceding their death, the average consumption of ethanol alcohol among homicide victims was 17 liters, and 29 percent of victims drank in excess of 20 liters of pure ethanol.
  • At a minimum of once a week, 40 percent of the victims drank manufactured liquids containing alcohol, including eau-de-colognes, aftershaves, medicinal tinctures and cleaning fluids

The study provided evidence that there was an 11-15 times higher likelihood of male homicide deaths due to consumption of such non-beverage alcohols.

Association between excess alcohol consumption and male violent deaths

Heavy drinkers are prone to indulging in anti-social behavior, including vandalism, using abusive language, intimidation, financial disputes and sexual assaults. Such individuals are inclined to visit unsafe places, increasing their chances of running into similar anti-social people. Instances of violence increase significantly during such encounters, sometimes even at the slightest of triggers. Excessive drinking results in the weakening of an individual’s physical and mental abilities too; in the eventuality of a violent encounter, self-defense fails in the case of an inebriated person. Male users addicted to alcohol are also likely to find their relationships with spouses, family members and friends to be strained, leading to frequent quarrels and instances of domestic violence. All this adds up to daily stress that makes everyday living a difficult task.

Seeking timely help will save lives

Addiction of any kind, including alcohol, is hazardous to health. For alcohol abusers and their friends and family, it may seem to be a point of no return. But this is not true, provided intervention takes place in a timely manner.

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